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Mountain Mover Method™

“Truly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be taken up and thrown into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says will come to pass, it will be done for him” (Mark 11:23 ESV).

See Your Mountains Move!

Have you been stuck in a cycle running up against mountains? Now is the time to see those mountains move. We don’t have to live our lives stuck and unable to find fulfillment. After reading hundreds of books on brain science, emotional intelligence, spiritual formation, money mindset, and productivity, Peter Schrock has created the Mountain Mover Method™. This unique approach helps people understand why they aren’t happy in life and how to live with relational, financial, and spiritual fulfillment. It is built on 5 key pillars and at the heart of each pillar is the proprietary Belief Builder Blueprint™. If you have mountains standing between you and your fulfilling life the Mountain Mover Method’s™ exclusive approach will remove your barriers. Sign up for coaching to see your mountains move today!

How It Works: Belief Builder Blueprint™

The Mountain Mover Method™ is built on 5 pillars: Meaning, Motivation, Metamorphosis, Miracles, and Maximize. What binds each of these together is our unique Belief Builder Blueprint™. This trademark blueprint teaches you to identify what is driving your negative and positive behaviors. Once you understand what is driving your behaviors, our coaching process empowers you to build the mindset and habits to remove the mountains that stand in your way and to experience the life you long for.

Discover Your Meaning and Purpose

Many of us struggle with contentment and happiness. This does not have to be the case. Frustration and discontentment is a clear indicator that something is wrong that you can correct. Unfortunately, what the world today tells us brings fulfillment is a total lie. In the first pillar of the Mountain Mover Method we discover where your discontentment is coming from and illustrate what kind of goals result in feelings of meaning and purpose. When you discover your unique purpose in life, then you will find meaning as you set goals and work to accomplish them. Nevertheless, most goals have a mountain between you and what you are trying to achieve. This is where the remaining pillars come into play.


Moving Mountains

Mountains move when you learn to use the principles of the Belief Builder Blueprint™. Our coaching process teaches you how to do this. When you already have the resources and skills to move your mountain, our coaching method shows you how to obtain the motivation to do it. If you don’t have the resources and skills, our coaching method empowers you to become the kind of person that you need to be (metamorphosis) to move your mountains. Unfortunately, not every mountain can be moved in your own strength, this is when our coaching approach shows you how to partner with God to see Him work a miracle. No matter where you are at, the Mountain Mover Method™ is your way forward.

Maximizing Your Life Journey

The Maximize pillar of the Mountain Mover Method™ is geared to help people along the way to their goals. It’s our extensive toolbox to get clarity in communication, healthy in your relationship with money, and the most out of your time on this planet. These personalized tips on how to view the world differently often makes the difference between success and failure. Whether your mountains are in your marriage, career, or spiritual life the Mountain Mover Method™ will maximize your journey to achieve your best.

Working with a Coach

The Mountain Mover Method™ is not a linear path. We all come from different points on our journey to where we are going. As a result, coaching starts with discovery of where you are and what mountains you are facing. Then together we key in on which pillar will move your mountain. Coaching involves weekly or biweekly meetings over video chat during which we discover how you can overcome your obstacles. This involves discussion and use of the countless colorful diagrams, illustrations, analogies, and acronyms. Together we will reshape your world and achieve the meaningful life you long for.

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